We are working with professionals from, and/or in partnership with, the following organisations:



            Africa Ahead, Zimbabwe
Dr. Juliet Waterkeyn, the CEO of Africa Ahead, is advising us on the creation, structure and training programme for health clubs.
      Australia International Health Institute, Australia
Dr Michelle Kermode is an adviser to our CRHP Impact study.

Centre for Economic Performance (CEP)

Centre for Economic Performance, London School of Economics, UK
We are based at the Centre for Economic Performance in the LSE. We benefit from advice from colleagues and research assistance from students at the LSE.
        Comprehensive Rural Health Project, India
We are conducting an impact evaluation of the Comprehensive Rural Health Project in India.
            Institute of Child Health, Great Ormond Street Hospital, UK
We sponsored the design of a protocol for a trial to reduce child mortality in rural regions of Malawi. This protocol would extend an existing trial that ICH is implementing in Malawi.
        London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK
Professor Diana Elbourne, Dr Chris Frost and Dr Vera Mann, all members of the Medical Statistics Unit at LSHTM, are partners and advisors on the CHAMPION trial, the CRHP impact study and the project to reduce child mortality in Guinea-Bissau.
        Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Professor Simon Johnson is a collaborator on our CRHP impact study.
    Ministry of Health, Guinea-Bissau
We have a protocol of agreement with the Ministry of Health. We receive advice and assistance from Dr Augusto Paulo de Silva, Director Consul, on our project to reduce child mortality in Guinea-Bissau.
       Naandi Foundation, India
The Naandi Foundation is our local partner in India for the implementation of the CHAMPION trial
  Simao Mendes Hospital, Guinea-Bissau
Dr Alfredo Alves, the director of the maternity department, is advising us on our project to reduce child mortality in Guinea-Bissau.
            University of Pune, India