Child mortality reduction in Guinea-Bissau: 
A project to reduce child mortality in one of the highest mortality regions of the world.


Neonatal mortality reduction in Andhra Pradesh, India: 
A project to reduce neonatal mortality in poor, tribal regions of Andhra Pradesh.
Impact Assessment for the Comprehensive Rural Health Project (CRHP)
A research project that will evaluate a region which appears to have achieved near west European levels of child mortality despite being in a very poor region of India.
How should we reduce child mortality? 
The power of knowledgeable parents

A research project using child survival outcomes from 278,000 children in 45 low income countries to better understand routes to low child mortality.
Education and material support for girls aged 6-9 in tribal regions of Andhra Pradesh
A project, paired with the CHAMPION Trial, to examine the impact of additional schooling and material support for girls aged 6-9 on their educational outcomes in a region where gender inequality is very high, and where girls generally do poorly in schools.