Reports & Publications

We will be making all trial protocols, relevant reports, training materials, training manuals and publications available through links on our website.


“The power of knowledgeable parents: Lowering child mortality in poor countries” is available as a Centre for Economic Performance Discussion Paper at:

Trial Protocols:

The CHAMPION trial protocol is available here:

The EPICS trial protocol will be made available on this website.

Training materials and manuals:

We are developing extensive training materials and manuals in English and/or  Portuguese. These will be made freely available to the public once complete.  The following materials may be requested and we will send documents when prepared:

Health Clubs in the EPICS Trial training manual for promoters
Health Clubs in the EPICS Trial program outline
Health Clubs in the EPICS Trial visual aids and tools

Training manuals for Nurse Trainers in the EPICS Trial
Training materials for Village Health Workers in the EPICSTrial